Filler: Philadelphia

23rd Sep 2022, 1:00 PM in Filler Art Time!
Filler: Philadelphia

Author Notes:

Dirgeserval 23rd Sep 2022, 1:00 PM edit delete
Hey all!! So I'll be making a proper bulletin about this but for the next month or so we will only be updating the comic once a week. Unfortunately due to having to take on a lot of commission work to cover expensive power bills, it's been hard to keep up a proper buffer, let alone even finish two pages a week. Once the cooler season comes and I'm able to even out my commission queue, we'll go right back to updating twice a week! The last thing I want is to slow down on this comic since it's a passion project that fills me with so much happiness and excitement whenever I get the chance to work on it, but we will be back to normal in no time I'm sure! Thank you guys so much for your understanding!!

On a related note, if you wanna help out we have a Patreon and have been uploading there! It's got all sorts of behind the scenes goodies that you may find interesting including session notes from the DM, progress gifs of the comics being made, concept art, all sorts!

PHEW! With all that said... I hope you enjoy this filler art lmfao