Going Digital!

Data and Downloads is a webcomic based off of a homebrew Digimon themed Dungeons and Dragons campaign DMed by the wonderful Ectodrool! The main three characters represent the player characters: Kells (Dirgeserval), Adrian (Ectodrool) and Blaine (VermStudio)!


When a dangerous virus of unknown origin begins to sweep across the Digital World, three humans are summoned to be its chosen heroes. Alongside their Digital Companions, Tamers Kells, Adrian, and Blaine travel throughout this unfamiliar landscape tasked with one, simple enough goal: Wake Up a Royal Knight. It soon becomes clear, though, that nothing about this world is quite so straightforward.

Join along as these Tamers find themselves delving into the many mysteries and problems of the Digital World! As well as coming face-to-face with long forgotten legacies, betrayal, and what it means to be a hero.

For the Foreword, please check out our Carrd!

Data and Downloads updates every Monday and Friday!