The Gogglehead, this tends to be the mark of the leader when it comes to Digimon. And while that may be true in some extent, Adrian often fills the role of healer and voice of reason, and isn't especially head-strong. He's intelligent and peace-loving, but this preference for thinking carefully before acting is often times upended by the other Digital Guardians! Despite his occasionally blunt and sometimes impatient reactions, Adrian can always be depended on to defend and support his friends -- loyally, to the end.

Digimon Partners: Labramon, Guilmon, Dracomon


The Digital World is full of trials and danger, but that doesn't mean you can't face them with an open heart and a friendly smile! Called into the Digital World with their trusty partner Dorumon, that's just what Kells aims to do! Even when it would seem more logical to do otherwise, they always try to make a new friend in the Digital World. Keenly empathetic, having faced hardship of their own, this enthusiastic Tamer will always try and find a peaceful solution to every problem that stands in the group's way. But, will this always work out for them, or could this cause only more tensions among the party... and their own Digimon?

Digimon Partners: Dorumon, Pulsemon, Kudamon


When the Digital World calls for aid, sometimes you need an unbreakable spirit, and fiery will! Blaine and his partner Gazimon - who is more often times seen in his Champion form, Dobermon - are at the ready to defend their friends no matter the danger. That said, Blaine isn't the type to put himself in harm's way. Careful to the point of paranoia, sometimes he can come off as suspicious of the new and bizarre characters that introduce themself in the Digital World. But, maybe that's what the party needs when navigating this strange world of data!

Digimon Partners: Dobermon, Elecmon, Bearmon

Blaine's design and art by: VermStudio


Not long after entering the Digital World, the Digital Guardians reach a village where strange things are happening. Rumors circulate of "another human" who's appearance in town strangely coincides with the start of their problems. "Hector" as he's been dubbed, appears wherever there's trouble, with a sarcastic quip and toothy grin in tow! Sometimes seen with an Infermon (and a hoard of Keramons). He doesn't seem to like "humans" very much... but wait? Is he not a human himself...? So many questions!


In the journeys of the Digital Guardians, it becomes clear that Hector does not work alone. Dubbed "Tony", this guy shows a remarkable amount of poise and etiquette. Though, beneath his decorum and intelligence lies... something else. Something potentially quite dangerous. Who is Tony, really? Does he have something to do with that Data-Eating Virus spreading across the Digital World?


You go to read this character's bio, but the data is... corrupted? What's going on here? Well, from what you can gather, this guy has quite the legacy in the Digital World. Too bad the data containing who his Digimon partner is seems to be missing.